The Customer Journey begins long before the point of sales

Al lot of things can lead to a specific choice of purchase, and the customer journey, especially for bigger puchases, often starst long before the choice in store. By being aware of those needs and aspects, your understanding of purchase behaviours will increase significantly.

It all starts witn a NEED or DESIRE for something.

Buying a beauty product may start with all the fellings happening in front of the bathroom mirror., with a lot of reflections on what to achieve, how products can work together, budget aspects, design, sustainability values, allergies and you name it. By joining the consumers in all these reflections, we can better understand their next step of actions.

In the next step, consumers may look for different ALTERNATIVES or SOLUTIONS

Now, we really want to know where they look, what sources they feel are trustworthy and inspiring, and what claims and offers they find attractive and convincing
By being aware of these touchpoints and what consumers look for, we can make sure to meet them in these touchpoints with the right content.
We will also learn how they value options, competitors and offers.

In the moment of the actual purchase we want to join them for an understanding of choice and drivers.
Depending on what customer journey you are digging into as a researcher, make sure to catch every step and don't start too close to the actual purchase.
So much feelings and reasoning might be behind that purchase that you will be missing.

Mobile Ethnography is the natural choice of method for customer journey research, and you will have a lot of valuable visual material form every step of their journey.

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