Strylite - The easy to use tool for mobile ethnography

Follow your audiences unique experiences, challenges and values
Simple to use - Quick results!
Create your Story
In Strylite you work with projects and Stories. A Story is a list of tasks you create, for you audience to answer to.
Set the tasks
The tasks you create guide your participants to share their perspective of things. What do you want to know?
Set the layout and task flow
Add your own design to the app your participants use, and make the workflow settings needed.
Who are you inviting to participate? Only a name / alias and a mobile number is needed. Upload a list or add one by one.
Insights in real time
Now, follow your audience as they step by step upload to your tasks! Their photos, screenshots and comments brings magic.
Analyze and share!
Analyse the uploads by task or participant, filter as you like and build story boards to visualize your findings. Then expect  wow-comments from the team you present to.

Advantages with Strylite:

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Some of them who discovered mobile etnography
What will you use Strylite for?
"Like stepping into the consumer's shoes"

Opportunity mapping

Optimize offer

Reach new audiences

Increase loyalty

Increase sales

Campaign planning

Optimize customer experience


Product Development

Visualize target audiences

Service Design


Want to know how consumers really navigate? Need to know what’s genuinely inspiring them? For-real viewpoints as they happen, from the lives they happen in.

The right choice if you want to get to know the features first, or want to use Strylite occasionally in projects.
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Full-scale Stories - up to 20 tasks
Storage for up to 10 Stories
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For businesses who want to get the full value from Strylite on a regular basis - without limits
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Unlimited number of participants
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