How Mobile Ethnography is used to identify new business opportunities

Identifying new business opportunities requires a combination of creativity, research, and market analysis. Besides staying updated on the industry you are looking at opportunities for - the latest trends, innovations, and emerging technologies - you need relevant insight about your potential consumers.

One of the key benefits of mobile ethnography is the rich and engaging insights that it generates. In addition to answering traditional research questions, participants can use their smartphones to capture their needs, behaviour and experience - and thus their challenges, unmet needs and demands, or gaps in existing products or services.

Understanding consumer's pain points and desires can help you identify areas where you can offer innovative solutions and create satisfying experiences.

Mobile ethnography, that’s all based on visual, commented uploads, will generate a valuable visible material that link to all those tree areas you need to combine:

Creativity: Your creativity will be boosted by all the things you will be able to observe, much more than any qualitative data can. To actually be able to see the challenges and desires through the consumer’s eyes will get you going. Brainstorming sessions, idea generation workshops, and cross-functional collaboration to explore new ideas and possibilities using material from the mobile ethnography studies is engaging and fun.5

Research: You will get a deep understanding of the consumers from the combination of photos, comments and expressed feelings in the moment and from their own natural context.
Since Mobile Ethnography are stories told completely from the consumer’s perspective you will catch many dimensions of insights: From answers to your questions, to things you did not think of asking, things difficult to express with only words, thing consumers would have forgotten if not express IN THE MOMENT, and their own vocabulary. This is hard to beat.

Market Analysis: Yes, you need to have insights on the market too. What Mobile Ethnography really adds here is how Consumers look at the market and current offers. You will from their perspective know how potential competitors are used and evaluated, what’s being especially noticed, what´s trending and where consumers look for solutions. This will enable you to create the most successful offer and communication – at the most relevant touchpoints.

So, if you have not yet tried Mobile Ethnography, do give it a go. We have the tools and will assist in any way you need to get you started!

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