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Instead of interviewing people out of context, use the powerful opportunity to let them share their perspective - in the moment - and in their natural context.

Just design tasks, invite participants, then follow their flow in real-time as they share their experiences through comments, photos, and tags.
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Get set: Once you’ve launched your research, participants are invited to join via a personal link which takes them straight to Strylite online to get started.
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Follow live: Responding to the tasks you set, participants can now share their every thought, reaction or comment. And as they do, you’ll see it all, as and where it happens.


Dive in: Rich in details loaded with context, every post holds a gem of insight. Use Strylite to build visual story boards, and elevate your findings beyond the hum-drum of numbers and charts.
Working with Mobile Ethnography
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research is the customer data that a business obtains using in-depth customer engagements, including discussions, interviews, surveys, diary studies, and focus groups. In the world of customer experience, this type of research studies people to understand their culture, context, and experiences with products/services. Qualitative research describes the ‘’why and how’’ of the customer experience.
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Customer Journey Tool
We have designed a customer journey software that can help you map your customer journey like a pro. Creating a great customer experience takes some work, but our customer journey app makes it super easy for consumers to share their needs, experiences, and behavior.
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How to analyze results from Mobile Ethnography Studies
Collecting a wide range of data types, such as photos, videos, text, and voice recordings, can lead to data overload. Managing, organizing, and analyzing this diverse data can be time-consuming and complex.
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"It's like you're a fly on the wall!"
ICA: How can we make the food week easier for families with small children
Ica used mobile ethnography to follow as many as 50 families during a normal week. During the week the families shared photos and comments of behaviour and challenges related to planning, shopping, cooking and handling leftovers. The analysis and report created a lot of engagement within Ica, and gave incight and inspiration to innovations and communication targeting the challenges they had observed.
SVT Nyheter: How can we optimize the use of video in our digital news formats?
SVT used mobile ethnography in combination with focus groups to better understand how consumers navigate and use video as one part of news consumption. Pre-recruited consumers documented their news consumption during a few days and gave a lot of input to when and how the video format was an appreciated addition. All the visual examples and comments gave guidance to how SVT can optimize the use of video.
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Want to know how consumers really navigate? Need to know what’s genuinely inspiring them? For-real viewpoints as they happen, from the lives they happen in.

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