Strylite - Terms of Service

Below are the terms & conditions for using Strylite.


These areour general terms and conditions for using the online application Strylite.  

In short, it is on us provide you with a useful and stabile application, that keeps your criedentials and data safe, and give you support when needed.

You as a user are responsible for your account, for not letting anyone else use your log-in details, and for how you handle participants' personal data and their uploads in accordance with GDPR regulations. 

Below are the detailed terms you agree to when using Strylite


2.1                       It is your responsibility to provide Strylite with all the information that is necessary for us to be able to provide you with our services, and for communication needed related to your licence, account, payments and support.

2.2                       You are responsible for the Internet connection and the network that is being used to gain access to, and make use of our services. It is therefore also your responsibility to arrange for and fulfill the technical requirements needed to use our services, such ast o have the equipment and software required for the performance of the application.

2.3                       It is your responsibility to ensure that your log-in information, security procedures and other information, which is used to access and use the application, is kept confidential and treated as confidential information. You agree to immediately inform Strylite if any unauthorized person has obtained knowledge of such information.

2.4                       You agree not to copy, decompile, decrypt or deconstruct the services (or any software or code that is included in the services) or try to derive or create source code from the services. You also agree not to circumvent or try to circumvent the security measures of the services set out by Strylite.

2.5                       You agree to to not permit any other person to use your log-in cridentials or license.

2.6                       You are liable for the projects you create and responsible for all user data you submit to us and to the application.

2.7                       Strylite takes it seriously that the application is used for serious matters only and are not used in any inappropriate way. You agree to ensure that the application is not used in an inappropriate or illegal manner; such as, but not limited to, having participants posting offensive, racist, harassing,  pornographic or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate material to the application or by registering and/or using a username reflecting any of the above. Strylite reserves the right to, without warning, cancel your right to use our services if you do not respect this rule which neither entitles you to refund for payment done nor compensation of any other kind.


3.1                       All prices are exclusive of VAT

3.1                       For trial purposes, each account is loaded with 20 sms credits to be able to invite and communicate with test participants.

3.2                       Payment for a licence shall be made should you wish to continue to use the application after your free trial period. Your free trial period needs to be upgraded to a paid licence at the time of your first invitation of participants for a real project. You will be invited to upgrade to a paid licence when your sms credits are finished, or you try to add more participants than you have sms credits to invite.

3.3                       A licence is valid for one year from the day we receive your payment. The cost for the licence consists of two parts:

1)                                     Afixed fee covering 12 month usage and storage, paid monthly or yearly inadvance
2)                                     Avolume cost based on number of invited participants, invoiced monthly

3.3                       Payment cannot be made for parts of the licence period or be partially repaid

3.4                       Payments are made by credit card

3.5                       Strylite reserve theright to change the prices listed as well as the payment terms (includingLicense Periods) at our own discretion. Such changes will however not affect aLicense already paid for.